Mahou Tsukai no Yome

Author(s): YAMAZAKI Kore

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 125th Comments



Volume TBDChapter 38
Ch 38 The darkest hour is...     Jun 16, 2017
Volume 08Chapter 36-37
Ch 37 You can't make an om...     Mar 15, 2017 Ch 36 You can't make an om...     Feb 15, 2017
Volume 07Chapter 31-35
Ch 35 Any port in a storm....     Jan 25, 2017 Ch 34 Any port in a storm...     Nov 26, 2016 Ch 33 Any port in a storm.     Oct 22, 2016 Ch 32 Examples are better...     Sep 13, 2016 Ch 31 Forgive and forget.     Aug 23, 2016
Volume 06Chapter 26-30
Volume 05Chapter 21-25.5
Volume 04Chapter 16-20.5
Volume 03Chapter 11-15.5
Volume 02Chapter 6-10.5
Volume 01Chapter 1-5
With her mother dead and father long gone, Chise Hatori has spent her childhood being passed unwanted from relative to relative, until she finally makes her unfortunate way to a strange and improbable auction block. Offered as a “sleigh beggy” to the highest bidder, Chise is purchased by the (literally) boneheaded Elias Ainsworth, who promises to take her on as his apprentice. Elias is a mage, and his world is one of dragons and faeries - but before Chise can begin to get accustomed to all that nonsense, Elias drops another bombshell. Apparently Chise isn't just intended to be his apprentice - she will also be his bride. Nominated for the 8th Manga Taisho Award.
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