Shingeki no Kyojin

Author(s): ISAYAMA Hajime

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 11th Comments



Volume TBDChapter 91-99
Ch 99 A Shadow Of Guilt     Nov 10, 2017 Ch 98 Good For You     Oct 10, 2017 Ch 97 From One Hand To The...     Sep 11, 2017 Ch 96 A Gate Of Hope     Aug 10, 2017 Ch 95 Liar     Jul 6, 2017 Ch 94 The Boy Inside the W...     Jun 8, 2017 Ch 93 Dark Night Train     Apr 30, 2017 Ch 92 The Warriors of Marl...     Apr 7, 2017 Ch 91 The Other Side of th...     Mar 9, 2017
Volume 22Chapter 87-90
Ch 90 To the Other Side of...     Feb 8, 2017 Ch 89 Meeting     Jan 9, 2017 Ch 88 The Attack Continues     Dec 8, 2016 Ch 87 Border Line     Nov 9, 2016
Volume 21Chapter 83-86
Ch 86 That Day     Oct 10, 2016 Ch 85 Basement     Sep 8, 2016 Ch 84 Midnight Sun     Aug 9, 2016 Ch 83 Cut Off     Jul 10, 2016
Volume 20Chapter 79-82
Volume 19Chapter 75-78
Volume 18Chapter 71-74
Volume 17Chapter 67-70
Volume 16Chapter 63-66
Volume 15Chapter 59-62
Volume 14Chapter 55-58
Volume 13Chapter 51-54
Volume 12Chapter 47-50.1
Volume 11Chapter 43-46
Volume 10Chapter 39-42
Volume 09Chapter 35-38
Volume 08Chapter 31-34
Volume 07Chapter 27-30
Volume 06Chapter 23-26
Volume 05Chapter 18.5-22
Volume 04Chapter 14-18
Volume 03Chapter 9.5-13
Volume 02Chapter 5-9
Volume 01Chapter 1-4
Volume 00Chapter 0
Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest of giants. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a giant in over 100 years. Teenage boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness something horrific as one of the city walls is damaged by a 60 meter giant causing a breach in the wall. As the smaller giants flood the city, the two kids watch in horror as Eren's mother is eaten alive.Unable to save her , Eren vows that he will wipe out every single giant and take revenge for all of mankind. Won the 35th Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shounen Manga.
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